1. Grind

For 4 cups of coffee, measure out 50-60 grams (4-5 tbsp) of coffee beans and grind. The grounds should be course with a consistency close to sea salt.

2.  Boil Water & Prep Filter

Fill your kettle and bring the water to a boil. 680-850 grams of water is perfect for this amount of coffee.

Place the filter in your Chemex carafe and pour over a small amount of hot water directly into filter. This will prevent any flavor leakages from the filter and warm the carafe. Discard the used water.

3. Bloom

Transfer the ground coffee into the filter. Wait a few seconds for the water to cool just below boiling temperature, and pour just enough to gently coat all the grounds. Wait 30 seconds. Blooming allows for the optimal flavors to be extracted from the coffee.

4. Brew & Enjoy

Begin at the center of the grounds and slowly work your way outwards, pouring the water in a circular motion. Slow and steady.

Congratulations, you're all done. Enjoy the freshest carafe of coffee you've ever tasted.


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