The most artistic of the brewing methods, it is highly disputed whether the perfect shot of espresso has ever been brewed. This is the closest to it that we know. Warning: this guide is for connoisseurs who have access to the right machine. Attempt at your own risk of having a lot of fun experimenting.

1. Prepare for extraction

Detach your porta filter from the espresso machine’s face. Place the porta filter on a scale and tare the weight, then cleanse your grouped with hot water.

2. Weigh & Grind

Weigh out 18-21g of finely ground coffee into your basket. Using your index finger, evenly distribute the coffee within the basket.

3. Pack & Tamper

Place the portafilter on a flat surface. Place tamper onto the basket and evenly press downward to flatten the grounds. After downward pressure is applied, spin the tamper gently in a back and forth motion against the grounds. This process prepares the grounds for an even extraction.

4. Brew & Enjoy

Place the portafilter into the grouped and ensure it is properly seated. Now the magic moment - pull the shot. After 20-30 seconds, the extraction will be complete and begin to yield a golden drip, a silky smooth golden head.

Congratulations. You’ve just brewed the freshest cup of espresso in America. Enjoy it.