French Press

Prefer a rich & stout cup? A properly prepared french press is brewed with attention to proper extraction and is best enjoyed immediately.

1. Measure & Grind Coffee

Start with 40 grams of ground coffee for the typical 17oz press. Grind your beans until they are coarse with a consistency of sea salt.

2. Boil Water & Prep grounds

Boil 400 grams of filtered water & pour your grounds into the press while you wait.

3. Bloom

Wait a few seconds for the water to sit a little below boiling, and pour just enough to gently coat all the grounds. Wait 30 seconds. Blooming allows for the optimal flavors to be extracted from the coffee.

4. Brew & Enjoy

Begin at the center of the grounds and slowly work your way outwards, pouring the water in a circular motion. Slow and steady wins the race here. Press slowly, pour, & enjoy.

Congratulations. You’ve just brewed the freshest carafe of coffee in America. Share with some family or friends, or have the whole thing yourself. We won’t judge.