French Press

Prefer a rich & stout cup? A properly prepared french press is brewed with attention to proper extraction and is best enjoyed immediately.

1. Measure & Grind Coffee

Start with 40 grams of ground coffee for the typical 17 oz press. Grind your beans until they are coarse with a consistency of sea salt.

2. Boil Water & Prep grounds

Boil 400 grams of filtered water & pour your grounds into the press while you wait.

3. Bloom

Wait a few seconds for the water to cool just below boiling temperature, and pour just enough to gently coat all the grounds. Wait 30 seconds. Blooming allows for the optimal flavors to be extracted from the coffee.

4. Brew & Enjoy

Begin at the center of the grounds and slowly work your way outwards, pouring the water in a circular motion. Press slowly, pour, & enjoy.

Share with some family or friends, or have the whole thing yourself. We won’t judge.


French Press

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