Our Story

Why buy coffee from the grocery store where it gets stale on shelves, when you can buy direct from the roaster? We quit our jobs and started Bixby because we believe the best coffee is the freshest coffee. And getting fresh roasted beans should be easy.

  • We roast and ship you coffee the day it's ordered. 
  • Our coffee is sustainably grown without using any pesticides. 
  • We only source the finest "specialty-grade" coffee beans.
  • Our first class shipping is always free of charge.
  • Our 100% Customer Service Guarantee is REAL.  

Our Happy Dog logo represents your best friend every morning, always there to put a smile on your face like a good cup of coffee. You can't make good coffee with stale beans, so start everyday fresh with Bixby!

Miles Fisher & Remington Hotchkis
Founders, Bixby Roasting Co.

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