Our Story

Miles and Remington have been friends for many years. Their wives are friends. Their dogs are pals. Their daughters were born just months apart. And they both LOVE coffee.

While they often sought out freshly roasted, single-origin coffees from the local roaster, they each started their day using Keurig machines with pods they purchased at the grocery store. The Keurig coffee was convenient to make, but it always tasted stale and watered-down.

In 2016, while watching the LA Rams get clobbered at the Coliseum, they started sketching out what a perfect coffee pod would be. It all came down to freshness. Nobody was making high quality, single-origin coffee pods. Nobody was delivering them days of being roasted. For that matter, nobody was selling half-decent to-go cups that were recyclable. So they decided to do just that.

After many months of sourcing, roasting, and testing, Miles and Remington launched a Kickstarter campaign on National Coffee Day in September of 2017. They surpassed their ambitious goal by raising over $64,000 in one month and Cups Coffee was born.

What started with premium K-Cups has grown into a full-service coffee subscription that delivers the finest, freshest single-origin coffees in multiple formats - whole bean, freshly ground, and K-Cups. Onwards!

The Founders

Miles Fisher

Dog: Luca, Black Lab
Favorite Movie: Fletch
Drives: Subaru Outback
Alma Mater: Harvard

Remington Hotchkis

Dog: Luke, Golden Retriever
Favorite Movie: Tombstone
Drives: Toyota Tacoma
Alma Mater: UC Channel Islands


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