Finca Greenwell, Kona Hawaii


Our certified and award-winning Kona coffee is grown in the heart of the Big Island and is handpicked at peak ripeness for rich flavor. We work carefully with the farm to select our coffee beans to ensure that each batch we receive is top quality. 


Producer: Finca Greenwell 
Department: Kona
Arabica Typica 
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 3,500 – 5,000 ft
Coffee Grading: 17/18 Screen
Harvest: October - January

Origin Story as told by the Producer:

In 1850, Henry Nicholas Greenwell left England to pursue a new life in Kealakekua, Hawaii, which today is known as the Heart of Kona. Mr. Greenwell was later joined by his wife, Elizabeth Caroline, and the couple would spend the next 40 years farming, ranching and producing Kona Coffee. Eventually, the Greenwell’s one-of-a-kind coffee would catch the attention of coffee lovers around the world, and, in 1873 the President of the Kaiser’s Exposition awarded them with a “Recognition Diploma” for their Kona Coffee at the World’s Fair in Vienna, Austria.

Henry Greenwell’s legacy continued decades later, when his grandson, Norman Greenwell, and his great grandson, Thomas Greenwell, developed coffee in the early 1980s on some of the same land. This new generation of the Greenwell family has marshaled in the modern era of specialty coffee in Kona and has played an important part in Hawaii’s coffee industry. Today, the company maintains coffee orchards on 85 acres, is developing new farms, and it controls and manages another 60 acres of coffee for other land owners. As one of the largest and oldest coffee producers in Kona, Greenwell Farms is proud to celebrate its history and spread the spirit of aloha with every cup.

Finca Greenwell, Kona Hawaii

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